Healing Touch – Hospice Care For Your Loved One

After the Hospice Representative left we looked at each other, heaved a sigh of relief, and began moving from treading water to taking steps to getting our lives back in focus. Throughout the subsequent weeks, we called on Hospice whenever we had a concern. The nurse visited once a week as described but when we had a medical question or felt mother needed medical attention in between, we called her and she always came that very day. In addition she reported her visits and findings to my mother’s doctor. My mother’s medical care was being supervised without her having to go through the difficult process of traveling to the doctor’s office. Everything about Hospice care was proving to be very easy and extremely helpful. They knew what we needed before we even asked.

As my mother improved it became hospice in westminster clear she would need a wheelchair. We called Hospice and they had one delivered to her door within 24 hours. The person who delivered it explained how to work it and told us to call if we had any questions.

Hospice understands the difficulties faced by caregivers but they also understand the dying process, whether it is from disease or aging. They are not afraid of it and engage it with intelligence and compassion. They were able to help us understand more clearly what my mother was going through and how it might look. It made it so much easier for us to deal with.

As our population ages, an increasing number of people are finding themselves in the situation of caring for aging parents or other family members who are working their way through the dying process. Hospice is there for anyone who is dealing with this difficult life transition and offering tools and support to anyone who asks. If we can bring ourselves to reach out and take their hand we will discover a whole new way of caring for our elderly family members. We can allow them the comfort and dignity of dying in a caring environment without depleting our financial or emotional resources.

We still spend a considerable amount of time with my mother. We oversee her care and coordinating help takes time and effort. But we know we have the support of a caring organization that will help us at the drop of a hat. I encourage anyone in need of support to call their local Hospice and get acquainted. Find out what they are offering in your area. It’s a comfort to know they are there, willing and ready to assist, should you and your family need them.